It’s not unusual to see people trying to cut down on their carbon footprint. Aside from reducing, reusing, and recycling, there are a bunch of methods to help save the planet. Composting has grown in recent years as a way to reduce the impact that food waste has on the environment. The invention of paper straws, as well as reusable metal ones, has helped to cut down on the amount of plastic clogging up landfills around the world. There are even alternatives to driving cars and using up fossil fuels. Public transportation has become the norm for many people who wish to cut down on their gas usage. Busses, trains, and subways are all convenient ways to commute around the city without burning unnecessary fuel. Walking to work is also an option for people who live near their places of business. However, biking around town is a tried-and-true method of transportation that is lower effort than walking and is also virtually waste-free.

With biking quickly becoming a trendy means of commuting, many major cities have adapted their roads to accommodate for cyclists. From adding bike lanes to creating special signage to warn drivers of popular biking areas, many people who ride bikes feel safer than ever. However, cyclists still need to be aware of the dangers that lurk on the road. Collisions between a bicycle and a car can often be fatal. Even with proper headgear, the cyclist is often launched off of their bike and into the middle of traffic. Their bikes are almost always destroyed, and it is notoriously hard to get a negligence claim, even when the person driving the car or truck was clearly at fault. In these cases, the cyclist has to fight against shady insurance adjusters who are just out to prove that they were at fault. The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee are experts in how to handle these situations. A lawyer that is well-versed in the laws surrounding bicycle accidents will be a valuable asset for anyone who has suffered an injury at the hands of a driver.

The laws regarding bicycle are often confusing and wordy. For example, the state of Washington does not require people to wear helmets while biking, but certain cities within the state do. Even with a helmet, paralysis and injuries to internal organs are common sights to see after a crash. Unfortunately, a lot of these accidents also end up in death. In the case of wrongful death, the family of the deceased may be able to file a wrongful death case against the driver. In the case of negligence, a lawyer working for the victim or the victim’s family will be able to show that the driver was not being careful and taking the proper precautions to keep the road safe. Distracted driving accidents might result in a dented bumper or flat tire for the driver, but distracted driving can kill or seriously injure a cyclist at the drop of a hat.